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ROOFTOP ARTS is a multi-faceted company producing and releasing books, records and films through its divisions: Rooftop Books, Rooftop Records and Rooftop Films.



Rooftop—air, space, freedom, inspiration, strolling the wilderness quietly then shouting it all
from the rooftop!  It’s fun, and just a little bit dangerous!

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Welcome to Rooftop Arts!

Rooftop Books, a division of Rooftop Arts, announces its first two releases!

She thought life had passed her by.
Then she got arrested.
Things were finally
beginning to look up!

Miss Madeline Goes Shopping by Kathryn Marie Bild

His family tried to save Uncle George when he started turning into his late wife, but it was too late; he’d already become a nice person.

Uncle Ethel

a novel by Kathryn Marie Bild

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As she has every day for the past twenty-five years, Miss Madeline awakens to the memory of the murder of her fiancé, then suppresses it with the determination that today will be different; today she will work on her art—after just a wee bit of shopping.

ISBN: 9781102068884

Published by: Rooftop Books
eBook Publish Date: April 12, 2010.

a novel by Kathryn Marie Bild

Now live on the new Sony Reader!

UNCLE ETHEL is a quirky serio-comic psychological family horror drama about Uncle George, a rigid, elderly man so attached to his wife Ethel, that, when she dies, he takes on the characteristics of her personality to stayl close to her, until— nearly over the edge—the love he’s begun to feel, as her, helps him to finally grow up.

ISBN 9781102061847

Published by: Rooftop Books
eBook Publish Date: September 29, 2009 eBook ISBN: 9781102061847

Kathryn Bild: the Whole World Can Be Your Sweetheart

"Kathryn Bild has a raspy, earthy voice that brings you back to the fabulous Woodstock period of engaging music and voices.  All who have the opportunity to hear Kathryn's music will walk away knowing that she was born to sing."

"Kathryn Bild is a poet who writes songs.  Her sexy voice is throaty, raspy and sometimes angelic, but the real standout is  her lyrics: deep and interesting, they are stories of love, hope, and stubborn faith."

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